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Mark Larson Quotes

Quotes by Mark Larson - (5 quotes)

Mark Larson - From the Destiny category:

We are, after all, artists of our own destiny. (Mark Larson)

Mark Larson - From the Dissatisfaction category:

My best painting is always my next painting. May it always be so. (Mark Larson)

Mark Larson - From the Masters category:

There are two tracks that artists go down: the technical and the conceptual. Many artists are good at one or the other; a Master is an expert in both. (Mark Larson)

Mark Larson - From the Oils category:

There is nothing quite like the smell of oil paint and medium, or creating a vision of reality with the deft stroke of a brush or palette knife. (Mark Larson)

Mark Larson - From the Subject category:

The juxtaposition of classical art and architecture with natural symbolism fascinates me. It is as a way of exploring the timelessness of life and living in art. (Mark Larson)