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Cassandra James Quotes

Quotes by Cassandra James - (7 quotes)

Cassandra James - From the Commerce category:

The market is a fickle mistress and in order for the work to endure over the long haul or, in the best cases, advance the artistic language, there must be integrity that comes from deep connection with a compelling subject. (Cassandra James)

Cassandra James - From the Confidence category:

Identifying process lends a certain confidence that's very comforting when things go awry. (Cassandra James)

Cassandra James - From the Emotion category:

A lot of very good work is done on the basis of unresolved tension, and the key word is unresolved. (Cassandra James)

Cassandra James - From the Oils category:

The linseed oil in binders and mediums bounce the light around and give oil paintings a certain glow. You see it in Mona Lisa's face, and much of Tiepolo's and Titian's work. (Cassandra James)

Cassandra James - From the Painting category:

Painting is about capturing the quality of light and evoking an emotional response in the viewer – not sentimentality or shock. Those are not enduring emotions. (Cassandra James)

Cassandra James - From the Shock category:

Shock is not an enduring emotion. (Cassandra James)

Cassandra James - From the Subject category:

In better work, the subject has chosen the artist, and did so long ago. (Cassandra James)