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Deon Venter Quotes

Quotes by Deon Venter - (5 quotes)

Deon Venter - From the Colour category:

I work in black and white, then go from there. (Deon Venter)

Deon Venter - From the Drawing category:

I have always tended to start with drawings. It's a very ancient, very normal way of doing it... (Deon Venter)

Deon Venter - From the Form category:

I have to be clear of the form before I can really work out my problems there in terms of composition. (Deon Venter)

Deon Venter - From the Oils category:

I find it boring to paint just with oil paints... I imbed things into it, blow ash and dust into it, slowly building up a surface, which is a bit more interesting. (Deon Venter)

Deon Venter - From the Subject category:

For too long, artists seem to dwell on aesthetics, artistic language... artists should be involving themselves in what is happening around them day to day. (Deon Venter)