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Quotes about Texture

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Quotes about Texture

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The themes come back. I guess I get obsessed with certain things like absence, lust, longing. They come back through different stories and different characters. But I also like how it stays mysterious. (Keren Ann)

Having a theme or a motto as an artist gives you a 'look' when combined with a technique. Having this 'theme' is what all or most artists come to eventually. (Beaman Cole)

Thinking that a 'theme' could perhaps be helpful in one's artistic development, I decided to spend a portion of my painting time doing scenes from our local river. (Alan Dorrell)

I do not need a view. I paint from a theme and from my inner emotions and senses. (Shirley Erskine)

Exploit a subject or a theme to its greatest potential by bringing all possible reference to bear – then put aside the reference and create again using the potential of your unfettered imagination. (Robert Genn)

The history of American art, in a way, begins with Jackson Pollock and his big paintings. This theme of bigness - all painters and sculptors have dealt with it ever since. (Michael Heizer)

I carry themes in my mind for years before I will try to compose them. I've got themes that will last me now 'til I die. (R. B. Kitaj)

Nature puts leaves on trees and they are, none of them, exactly alike; like people, endless variations on a theme. In that sense, nature does the art thing better than we do. (Eva Kosinski)

Pick a theme and work it to exhaustion... the subject must be something you truly love or truly hate. (Dorothea Lange)

I worked a great deal then, as you can only do on a set theme, absolved from the obligation to find a new fact, a new subject every day. (Rico Lebrun)

Whatever direction your life takes, your underlying themes remain. Discover and explore your themes to open the way for rich creative development. (Nita Leland)

Any material may be used but the theme is the same and the response is the same for all artwork... we all have the same concern, but the artist must know exactly what the experience is. He must pursue the truth relentlessly. (Agnes Martin)

The paintings I don't get to finish on my first attempt because of some unforeseen interruption, I always finish in my second or third try because I know what the theme is going to be from day one. (Mico)

I waited for the idea to consolidate, for the grouping and composition of themes to settle themselves in my brain. When I felt I had enough cards I determined to pass to action, and did so. (Claude Monet)

Different themes inevitably require different methods of expression. This does not imply either evolution or progress; it is a matter of following the idea one wants to express and the way in which one wants to express it. (Pablo Picasso)

The theme running through all my work is greatness; something far beyond the ordinary. (Robert R. Toth)

What can I but enumerate old themes? (William Butler Yeats)

After finishing the work I start rearranging the parts again and eventually start to work with themes – images and thoughts and things. (Tim Zuck)