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Rico Lebrun Quotes

Quotes by Rico Lebrun - (8 quotes)

Rico Lebrun - From the Artists category:

If we artists are to survive this period at all – we will survive as spokesmen, never again as entertainers. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Design category:

Someday when I understand more things than I do now, the fundamentals of my drawing will be so tightly woven into those of existence that I will easily and naturally find the design which is the answer to many questions. Meanwhile, I draw continuously. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Drawing category:

Seemingly the most easy of crafts, drawing is the one which reveals most tellingly our incapacity to sustain true vision and our acquiescence to the ready-made. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Drawing category:

I shun drawing which is too easily formulated. It does not seem fertilized enough to produce consequences, and a drawing should be a provider of consequences. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Emotion category:

My aim is a continuous, sustained, uncontrived image, motivated by nothing but passion. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Love category:

You cannot simplify love by cutting away all but its essence. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Mentors category:

Occasionally, I like to select a mentor, a master, and let him guide me through a revision of one of my paintings... I try to move into his terrain, bringing my own ammunition... I do not believe... that this belittles my own personality. (Rico Lebrun)

Rico Lebrun - From the Theme category:

I worked a great deal then, as you can only do on a set theme, absolved from the obligation to find a new fact, a new subject every day. (Rico Lebrun)