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R. B. Kitaj Quotes

Quotes by R. B. Kitaj - (4 quotes)

R. B. Kitaj - From the Humanity category:

A lot of good and regular art gets made because of who you talk to. No one is immune to human contact and art is not made in a vacuum. (R. B. Kitaj)

R. B. Kitaj - From the Mysteries category:

My pictures had and have secret lives, and so there were things I did not tell, a lot of stuff I did not say back then which I'm saying now... I intend to continue allowing forms of secret life to paintings I'm working on right now because it excites me to do that... (R. B. Kitaj)

R. B. Kitaj - From the Portraiture category:

Don't listen to the fools who say that pictures of people can be of no consequence, or that painting is dead. There is much to be done. (R. B. Kitaj)

R. B. Kitaj - From the Theme category:

I carry themes in my mind for years before I will try to compose them. I've got themes that will last me now 'til I die. (R. B. Kitaj)