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Quotes about Interpretation

Quotes about Intimacy

Quotes about Interpretation

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There's the artist's intimacy and truthfulness to himself, but an equal intimacy to the Other [the one drawn]. Picasso drawings are like that... the Rembrandts are like that. The artist who most often did that was Van Gogh. (John Berger)

Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away. (Eric Berne)

I am always surprised by how much people seem to like the most personal of my paintings – the ones I think couldn't possibly be of any interest to anyone but me. (Eleanor Blair)

That moment when the person actually dictates the way I do the portrait is when the intimacy arrives. (Francesco Clemente)

The relation of the individual person to the species he belongs to is the most intimate of all relations. (Havelock Ellis)

There is something intimate about painting I cannot explain to you – but it is so delightful just for expressing one's feelings. (Vincent van Gogh)

My aim in painting has always been to make the most exact transcription possible of my most intimate impression of nature. (Edward Hopper)

Muscles I know; they are my friends. But I have forgotten their names. (Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres)

Get to know the subject intimately... by watching and learning from nature. (Melissa Jean)

When I look at great works of art or listen to inspired music, I sense intimate portraits of the specific times in which they were created. (Billy Joel)

The... promptitude with which many painters, on arriving at an entirely new and unfamiliar place, settle down to work at once, never fails to astonish me: it seems indecent, like button-holing a complete stranger. (Augustus John)

You're creating an intimacy that everybody feels, that it's their experience, not yours. I'll never introduce a song and say, now this song is about 'my' broken heart. (Diana Krall)

Every image he sees, every photograph he takes, becomes in a sense a self-portrait. The portrait is made more meaningful by intimacy - an intimacy shared not only by the photographer with his subject but by the audience. (Dorothea Lange)

I include just enough detail to allow the viewer to identify the subject, but then I leave intimate, abstract compositions in other areas for the viewer to enjoy. (Brent R. Laycock)

Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God. (Martin Luther)

Every image is in some way a 'portrait,' not in the way that it would reproduce the traits of a person, but in that it pulls and draws... in that it extracts something, an intimacy, a force. (Sally Mann)

I don't have any fear of intimacy, but rather thrive on it, which is rare in a public person. (Jack Nicholson)

It was in the 1920s, when nobody had time to reflect, that I saw a still-life painting with a flower that was perfectly exquisite, but so small you really could not appreciate it. (Georgia O'Keeffe)

It is not uncommon to meet artists who, from a long neglect of cultivating the necessary intimacy with nature, do not even know her when they see her – she appearing a stranger to them, from their being so long habituated to their own representation of her. (Sir Joshua Reynolds)

What is most personal is most universal. (Carl Rogers)

The reason for my painting large canvases is that I want to be intimate and human. To paint a small picture is to place yourself outside your experience, to look upon an experience as a stereopticon view or with a reducing glass. However you paint the larger picture, you are in it. It isn't something you command. (Mark Rothko)

-on videography...
The hope is to achieve some degree of intimacy. The story emerges... purely from the subject's own words and actions. (Peter Segnitz)

It is an intimately communicative affair between the painter and his painting, a conversation back and forth, the painting telling the painter even as it receives its shape and form. (Ben Shahn)

You know, real artists, we expose our flaws. We long for intimacy. (Anna Deavere Smith)

I know nothing about intimacy. But I feel it, the yearning. (Diane Warren)

There's the artist's intimacy to himself, but an equal intimacy to the muse. Edvard Munch drawings are like that... Egon Schiele's work is like that... (Don Watson)

You mustn't kiss on canvas. (Helen van Wyk)