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Peter Segnitz Quotes

Quotes by Peter Segnitz - (7 quotes)

Peter Segnitz - From the Advice category:

Seek the advice of people who've been there. Shed the fear of looking stupid when asking them questions. Get in the field as often as possible. (Peter Segnitz)

Peter Segnitz - From the Health category:

Keep junk food to a minimum. It's true what they say about an apple a day. And realize that if something is holding you back, maybe it's your own hand doing the gripping. Let go and see what happens. (Peter Segnitz)

Peter Segnitz - From the Intimacy category:

-on videography...
The hope is to achieve some degree of intimacy. The story emerges... purely from the subject's own words and actions. (Peter Segnitz)

Peter Segnitz - From the Magic category:

Even the simplest little video camera is an astounding tool for journeying through Time. Stories can be coaxed to emerge. It's magic. (Peter Segnitz)

Peter Segnitz - From the Planning category:

My plan is to stay true and always to perform a function of some kind. Aesthetics alone are not interesting to me. There's got to be a kernel of utilitarianism seeding each project. Everybody knows what a light bulb is for. Like that. (Peter Segnitz)

Peter Segnitz - From the Technology category:

For ages I've been importuning a dear friend to leave the 20th century at peace and to germinate an online presence for the 21st. Something, anything, beyond his solitary email address. His vocation needs it. 'Start with a sort of digital business card and let it grow,' says I, sagely. Recently, I looked into a mirror. (Peter Segnitz)

Peter Segnitz - From the Writing category:

Respect the reader's time. Do this by working hard to find the narrative path, and then stay on it. (Peter Segnitz)