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Melissa Jean Quotes

Quotes by Melissa Jean - (23 quotes)

Melissa Jean - From the Children category:

Take children seriously... they can teach you so much. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Communication category:

Painting is the bridge from one world to another - a way of singing for those who don't sing. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Creativity category:

The more you create, the less you need the perfect conditions in which to create. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Earth category:

There it is. The Sunrise. The moment in the day when the earth seems to stop to celebrate this arrival of light... I stop what I'm doing and contemplate the magic and mystery of the world. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Education category:

There is no outside teacher as valuable as the inside drive, the desire, the determination - if that is there, everything else can be picked up. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Finishing category:

Sometimes the only way to finish a painting is to start again. The painting is an idea, and is not limited to that one and only canvas. Quickly move on. Sometimes good songs are made where old melodies leave off. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Humour category:

Laugh a lot... try to find something, however small, to celebrate every day. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Ideas category:

New ideas are born in small sections of the last painting. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Intimacy category:

Get to know the subject intimately... by watching and learning from nature. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Journey category:

It's not always a linear path. Sometimes you have to take a 5-year detour in order to finish properly what you've started. Time is relative. It hardly matters at all. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Language category:

Painting is something that thought slows down. The logical process of thought is a completely different language. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Muse category:

When the world around me has made me sad, I feel distant from you, my muse. Were you scared away? Don't be, my muse. I will create a safe place for you to come back to... and it will be just you and me. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Music category:

Listen to music while painting. Think less, dance more. There's another side to the music that you can only hear if you're feeling it, instead of listening to it. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Painting category:

My eyes make little paths for my brush to dance on... She dances like no one is watching. It is freedom. It is pure love. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Painting category:

The painting does not adhere to any schedule but its own unfolding. It's important to go back to the painting afterward with a different set of eyes. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Play category:

We are all children, learning and playing, sharing and being amazed. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Plein-Air category:

For me, plein air painting is about taking home memories - contemplating the subject with all senses. Smell, touch, temperature, weather - the feeling of warm sun or the start of a rainstorm, for example - and sound. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Sadness category:

If I am weary, I will paint where I want to rest. I will surround myself with this. It will have to be big. Mossy floors, trees that make me feel childish and small. Roots that form a cradle for me to rest my weary head. With my tears, I have created a rain forest. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Skill category:

Skills can be found, like lost items that have always belonged to you. If the spirit of learning is there, the passion of creation will never die. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Subject category:

Sometimes a subject speaks to anyone who will listen, simultaneously, without the listeners knowing of each other. If you have an open heart, these moments of inspiration will effect you deeply... and that can only translate into an honest creation. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Suffering category:

How can anyone not respect the strength, the 'heartiness' of a leaning tree that grows out of a rock? (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Time category:

Time is more precious than money. You can't buy more of it. Be careful how you spend your time - you can't get it back. (Melissa Jean)

Melissa Jean - From the Uniqueness category:

Always paint what you feel like painting, even if it makes no sense. There is only one person in the entire world who can see like you - so don't squash that. (Melissa Jean)