Quotes about Hypocrisy
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Quotes about Hypocrisy

Quotes about Idealism

Quotes about Hypocrisy

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Quotes about Ideas

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If across the Atlantic the ideology was pride, here it is delivering the goods. (Theodor W. Adorno)

Realism is in the work when idealism is in the soul, and it is only through idealism that we resume contact with reality. (Henri Bergson)

The ideal life is in our blood and never will be still. (Phillips Brooks)

Life without idealism is empty indeed. We just hope or starve to death. (Pearl S. Buck)

Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. (Leo Buscaglia)

Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. (George Carlin)

The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels. (Malcolm de Chazal)

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements. (Norman Douglas)

I contracted a disease which I have never shaken off. The disease was idealism. Because of it, I did the thing in life I wanted to do - Writing. (Max Ehrmann)

There is no absolute point of view from which real and ideal can be finally separated and labelled. (T. S. Eliot)

Know your place in the world and evaluate yourself fairly, not in terms of the naive ideals of your own youth, nor in terms of what you erroneously imagine your teacher's ideals are. (Richard Feynman)

Without ideality, there is no grandeur; without grandeur there is no beauty. (Gustave Flaubert)

The truly important are not self-important, the truly spiritual are accepting, and real heroes don't need medals. (Hap Hagood)

What we need most, is not so much to realize the ideal as to idealize the real. (H. F. Hedge)

All each ism does, in its revolt against the inadequacy of the previous one, is to thoroughly upset the order of terms of this ideal entity and to bring to the fore yet another inadequacy. (Jean Helion)

Contemplate the choice between going after money or ideals. There is so much pressure to go for money, idealism gets little airplay. Do something that means something to you. (Shere Hite)

I think the ideals of youth are fine, clear and unencumbered; the real art of living consists in keeping alive the conscience and sense of values we had when we were young. (Rockwell Kent)

- Mexico City Blues...
I'm an idealist / who has outgrown / my idealism / I have nothing to do / the rest of my life / but do it / and the rest of my life / to do it. (Jack Kerouac)

When one paints an ideal, one does not need to limit one's imagination. (Ellen Key)

Despite momentous social upheaval, permanence, they say, is more real than change. It is also more desirable as an ideal. (George Kneller)

The ideal has many names, and beauty is but one of them. (Ninon de L'Enclos)

Ideologies, however appealing, cannot shape the whole structure of perceptions and conduct unless they are embedded in daily experiences that confirm them. (Christopher Lasch)

Away with ideals. Let each individual act spontaneously from the forever incalculable prompting of the creative wellhead within him. There is no universal law. (D. H. Lawrence)

Ideals are an imaginative understanding of that which is desirable in that which is possible. (Walter Lippmann)

The ideals and principles for which Dr. King fought have never been forgotten and are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. (George Lucas)

- b.1837 d.1887...
I would call that man a born artist whose soul nature has from the very beginning endowed with an ideal, and for whom this ideal replaces the truth; he believes in it without reservation, and his life's task will be to realize it completely for himself, and to set it forth for the contemplation of others. (Hans Von Marees)

An idealist is one who, on noticing that roses smell better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup. (H. L. Mencken)

We must have ideals and try to live up to them, even if we never quite succeed. Life would be a sorry business without them. With them it's grand and great. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

Idealism and science continue to function in separate compartments; and yet 'the happiness of man on earth' depends upon their combination. (Lewis Mumford)

Architecture was my way of expressing my ideals: to be simple, to create a world equal to everyone, to look at people with optimism, that everyone has a gift. I don't want anything but general happiness. (Oscar Niemeyer)

What I find horrible nowadays is that people are always trying to find a personality for themselves. Nobody bothers about what you might call a painter's ideal... the kind that's always existed... No. They couldn't care less about that. (Pablo Picasso)

Ideally there is a type of continuum which flows from life through the artist's sensibility and his materials... the concreteness of the object and its own life (reality), through the spectator, with his expectations, interpretations, back into life. (Douglas Portway)

If the professional schools should succeed in producing skilled workers trained in the technique of their craft, nothing could be done with them if they had no ideal. (Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

The ideal beauty is a fugitive which is never found. (Joan Rivers)

I unconsciously decided that, even if it wasn't an ideal world, it should be. So I painted only the ideal aspects of it - pictures in which there are no drunken slatterns or self-centered mothers... only foxy grandpas who played baseball with the kids and boys who fished from logs and got up circuses in the backyard. (Norman Rockwell)

You cannot observe people through an ideology. Your ideology observes for you. (Philip Roth)

I am an idealist. I don't know where I'm going but I'm on the way. (Carl Sandburg)

My idealism is clearly one reason I'm an artist. I see art as one of mankind's more sublime acts, as a vital counterbalance to our base impulses (like violence as a solution). (Richard Schmid)

Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you reach your destiny. (Carl Schurz)

There can be no music without ideology. (Dmitri Shostakovich)

No period of history has ever been great or ever can be that does not act on some sort of high, idealistic motives, and idealism in our time has been shoved aside, and we are paying the penalty for it. (Alfred North Whitehead)

By the artificial separation of soul and body men have invented a Realism that is vulgar and an Idealism that is void. (Oscar Wilde)

It's important to start off with ideals, even if they become modified at some later stage. (Stuart Pearson Wright)

It is the focus on the highest ideal day after day that saves life from being wrapped up in small whirlwinds. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)