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I would have artists be convinced that the supreme skill and art in painting consists in knowing how to use black and white... because it is light and shade that make objects appear in relief. (Leon Battista Alberti)

The most beautiful colors laid on at random, give less pleasure than a black-and-white drawing. (Aristotle)

-teaching drawing...
Start lightly, then go dark. (Peter William Brown)

I try to start with the darkest colors, but what I'm really doing is trying to lay in those key points. (Mark Carder)

There is no light painting or dark painting, but simply relations of tones. (Paul Cezanne)

Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones. (Paul Cezanne)

There is no difficulty in painting detail, the real difficulty lies in getting the general truth of tone and tint. (John Collier)

If what a person makes is completely and profoundly right according to his lights then this work contains the whole man. A work which falls short of this content, is only of passing value and lends itself to arbitrariness and fragmentation. (Richard Diebenkorn)

Do not have an important dark and important light in the same picture they will destroy each other. (Harvey Dunn)

On an instrument you start from one tone. In painting you start from several. (Paul Gauguin)

There are tonalities which are noble and others which are vulgar, harmonies which are calm or consoling, and others which are exciting because of their boldness. (Paul Gauguin)

When using colors to recreate a general harmony of tones in nature, one loses it by painfully exact imitation. One keeps it by recreating in an equivalent color range, and that may not be exactly, or far from exactly, like the model. (Vincent van Gogh)

The inherent lightness or darkness of a form – its local-tone – is a given quality of all forms. It is affected by, but separate from, the light and dark areas that result from light falling on forms. (Nathan Goldstein)

The local-tone is the intrinsic value of a thing – excluding any effects of light. The local-tone of a common pearl is very nearly white; that of a lump of coal, nearly black. (Nathan Goldstein)

Study how Rembrandt creates flow of tone. (Irwin Greenberg)

With the black and white films, one was concerned with tone... You had to make sure that the tone of your dress was not the same tone as the curtains, for instance. (Julie Harris)

A predominately warm-toned painting will outsell a cool-toned one two-to-one. (Dalzell Hatfield)

I am trying to get my paintings a bit lighter in tone, as some of my recent oils have been mistaken for night scenes. (E. J. Hughes)

You have to observe flowers in order to find the right tones for the folds of clothes. (Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres)

The most basic, primitive and necessary visual information is found in luminance variations. The parts of our brains that analyze a scene are colourblind. (Margaret Livingstone)

If you have used colour throughout most of your artistic life, try just black and white... it will take your painting to another dimension where tone and form in all its permutations reign supreme. (David Louis)

Don't hide a terrific painting in the mid-tone. (Tom Lynch)

A certain color tones you up. It's the concentration of timbres. (Henri Matisse)

There are no wrong notes; some are just more right than others. (Thelonius Monk)

Tonal hierarchy prevents visual anarchy. (Paul Newton)

Etching will suggest subtle variations of tone, the most delicate shadings, all with black lines, which, as far as lines go, are unsurpassed for sheer beauty. (Walter J. Phillips)

I am out of tune. (Pindar)

If you begin with the middle-tone and work up from it toward the darks so that you deal last with your highest lights and darkest darks, you avoid false accents. (John Singer Sargent)

A piece of drapery is like a necktie, hot stuff to paint, and one of the easiest things for a painter to kid himself into thinking he can do. Don't be fooled by the color. Go after the shape and character. Hew the forms together with colored tones. (John Sloan)

In the real world there are many tones, from white at one extreme, through a large number of medium tones to black at the other extreme. To achieve a three-dimensional effect on paper you need just three – white, black and medium gray. (Stan Smith)

The dark and light tonal balance is perhaps the strongest factor affecting the way a painting appears. (Ted Smuskiewicz)

The smallest modification of tonality affects structure. Some things have to be rather large, but elegance is the presentation of things in their minimum dimensions. (Frederick Sommer)

I heightened all tones. I transposed into an orchestration of pure colors all the feelings of which I was conscious. (Maurice de Vlaminck)

I create shadow by layering paint until it darkens enough to become shadow. Shadows aren't just dark places. They're places with different light. (Randy Wiens)

White must be the lightest color in a picture. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

'Dark' and 'blackish' are not the same concept. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Before me floats an image, man or shade, / Shade more than man, more image than a shade... (William Butler Yeats)