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Randy Wiens Quotes

Quotes by Randy Wiens - (5 quotes)

Randy Wiens - From the Beauty category:

Those great alphine meadows that look so wonderfully soft aren't really all that soft. There's a bitter wind howling through them, but they are nonetheless incredibly beautiful for it. (Randy Wiens)

Randy Wiens - From the Searching category:

The painting is there. I just have to find it and draw it out. (Randy Wiens)

Randy Wiens - From the Solitude category:

I like to find myself alone, not because I don't want to be around people, but because I experience my world differently when I'm by myself. (Randy Wiens)

Randy Wiens - From the Subject category:

I find my world intense, in constant motion and almost overwhelming - the way clouds and sky can influence the land below. This is what I seek to express in my work. (Randy Wiens)

Randy Wiens - From the Tones category:

I create shadow by layering paint until it darkens enough to become shadow. Shadows aren't just dark places. They're places with different light. (Randy Wiens)