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Stan Smith Quotes

Quotes by Stan Smith - (6 quotes)

Stan Smith - From the Finishing category:

If you've worked over all of your drawing, it should finish itself – often when you least expect it. (Stan Smith)

Stan Smith - From the Lines category:

Line is so versatile – you can do a fine, tight, closely observed description or simply put a line around an idea – like a cartoonist. (Stan Smith)

Stan Smith - From the Movement category:

Sweeping gestures from the shoulder allow you to make generous marks, well suited to large scale work. You don't get anything simpler than this - I'm sure it is the way the cave men drew. (Stan Smith)

Stan Smith - From the Seeing category:

Study your subject through half-closed eyes before starting to draw – you'll find that the lights and darks are exaggerated and easier to identify. (Stan Smith)

Stan Smith - From the Space category:

Spaces between the forms, or the negative shapes, play just as great a role as the positives and they enable you to check the accuracy of your drawing. The positives make the negatives and negatives make the positives. (Stan Smith)

Stan Smith - From the Tones category:

In the real world there are many tones, from white at one extreme, through a large number of medium tones to black at the other extreme. To achieve a three-dimensional effect on paper you need just three – white, black and medium gray. (Stan Smith)