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Quotes about Application

Quotes about Appreciation

Quotes about Application

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I don't care how great, how famous or successful a man or woman may be, each hungers for applause. (George Matthew Adams)

It's the nicest thing on earth if someone comes up to me and says, 'Every day I drink out of a mug you designed.' (Jonathan Adler)

I had always loved beautiful and artistic things, though before leaving America I had had very little chance of seeing any. (Emma Albani)

I certainly consider a great appreciation of painting to be the best indication of a most perfect mind... (Leon Battista Alberti)

I confirm that without an appreciation of art no one can comprehend the multi-faceted, complicated components that comprise true physical beauty. (David Allio)

I so much appreciate it when anybody tries to make something and tries to be an artist - I'm happy to see the work. (Laurie Anderson)

If some of this art is not for you, that's fine. Art appreciation is a subjective matter, and we each bring our own experience, knowledge and taste to the party. (Michael Audain)

You don't have to be a cave man to appreciate Lascaux. (Darby Bannard)

Appreciation of works of art requires organized effort and systematic study. Art appreciation can no more be absorbed by aimless wandering in galleries than can surgery be learned by casual visits to a hospital. (Dr. Albert C. Barnes)

If Van Gogh were alive today and I could say something to him to make him more appreciative of what turned out to be his very short life, I would say to him, 'The sales will eventually come. Embrace what you do have. Embrace your brother.' (Brenda Behr)

The representative element in a work of art may or may not be harmful, but it is always irrelevant. For to appreciate a work of art, we must bring with us nothing from life, no knowledge of its affairs and ideas, no familiarity with its emotions. (Clive Bell)

There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed by a small compliment. (Robert Brault)

In the moment of appreciation we live again the moment when the creator saw and held the hidden likeness. (Jacob Bronowski)

Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)

To dispense with ceremony is the most delicate mode of conferring a compliment. (Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton)

All common things, often taken for granted, may represent those values to which we all aspire. (Vittorio Canta)

It's a marvelous feeling when someone says I want to do this song of yours because they've connected to it. That's what I'm after. (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

We may not return the affection of those who like us, but we always respect their good judgment. (Lillian Carter)

Any man who can write a page of living prose adds something to our life, and the man who can, as I can, is surely the last to resent someone who can do it even better. An artist cannot deny art, nor would he want to. A lover cannot deny love. (Raymond Chandler)

This was one of those special occasions when I could actually feel the inner appreciation of the beauty of the moment passing like an electric current through the brush in my hand. (Prince Charles)

Even if you don't feel appreciation, just look. Feel what you feel; take an interest and be curious. (Pema Chodron)

When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities. (Deepak Chopra)

I have huge appreciation for the healing power of art. (Melanie Circle)

The way you come to fully appreciate the infusion of the Spirit is to more and more come fully into the moment, where this moment is enough. (Ram Dass)

-on Rubens...
Glory to that Homer of painting, to that father of warmth and enthusiasm... he really paints men. (Eugene Delacroix)

Appreciation is an education that comes along with arts and sciences. (Laurie DeMatteo)

Never take anything for granted. (Benjamin Disraeli)

Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything. (Bob Dylan)

No poet, no artist of any sort, has his complete meaning alone. His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists. (T. S. Eliot)

How many of us really appreciate the childishness of the unconscious mind? (Milton H. Erickson)

We always admire the other person more after we've tried to do his job. (William Feather)

I did not realise that I was so loved. It can't just be for the films. I must have done something else, but I can't remember what. (Federico Fellini)

When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy. (Samuel Goldwyn)

The painter's appreciation for beauty is more conscious, for he spends his life trying to communicate his feelings to others. (Emile Gruppe)

It contributes greatly towards a man's moral and intellectual health, to be brought into habits of companionship with individuals unlike himself, who care little for his pursuits, and whose sphere and abilities he must go out of himself to appreciate. (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Art appreciation, like love, cannot be done by proxy. (Robert Henri)

The Sun will not rise or set without my notice and thanks. (Winslow Homer)

I feel that when I am painting, it is a form of worship. I see how wonderful nature is and how wonderful art is... and by trying to produce these works of art, I feel that I am just showing my appreciation of these creations. (E. J. Hughes)

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. (Aldous Huxley)

Isn't it amazing how often we don't take time to truly appreciate something until we no longer have it? (Dennis Merritt Jones)

To receive applause for works which do not demand all our powers hinders our advance towards a perfecting of our spirit. It usually means that thereafter we stand still. (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

A smart manager will establish a culture of gratitude. Expand the appreciative attitude to suppliers, vendors, delivery people, and of course, customers. (Harvey Mackay)

In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have. (Ralph Marston)

If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams. (Yann Martel)

As long as artists do not claim to have the sole answer to what-is-art, they should be appreciated strictly in terms of what they are seeking to do. (Pearl McCarthy)

Good painting is nothing else but a copy of the perfections of God and a reminder of His painting. Finally, good painting is a music and a melody which intellect only can appreciate, and with great difficulty. (Michelangelo)

Appreciate the moment. (Isamu Noguchi)

Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and better ideas if our efforts are appreciated. (Alexander Osborn)

You can't really appreciate a work of art until you can understand how difficult it was to create. And that's probably true of any work of art - a rock, a tree, a bird, a fish, a sunrise made of light and air. (Laurence Overmire)

Appreciation is the breath of life to the creative artist, and in spite of modern conditions, there is enough abroad to sustain him. But his name is now legion; he competes with the dead as well as the living; and the rewards and honours seem attenuated by division. (Walter J. Phillips)

Universal appreciation of art... belongs to those countries and those ages which are not, or were not, ruled by materialism. Though travel was never so easy, literature on art never so profuse, and works of art never so widely distributed, a real passion for pictures is encountered but rarely. (Walter J. Phillips)

All non-buyers of art can be downsized. (Bob Ragland)

Commonplaces never become tiresome. It is we who become tired when we cease to be curious and appreciative. (Norman Rockwell)

I've learned... that just one person saying to me, 'You've made my day!' makes my day. (Andy Rooney)

Appreciating the clouds that hide the sun guarantees you inner sunlight. (William Carmen Soyak III)

The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music; they should be taught to love it instead. (Igor Stravinsky)

We usually evaluate creative process in terms of how much feeling or thinking was behind the work or how well the work was done. Isn't there any other way of appreciating the process? What if the standard of excellence was how fully present the artist was during the process? (Kazuaki Tanahashi)

Next to excellence is the appreciation of it. (William Makepeace Thackeray)

The appreciation of the merits of art - of the emotions it conveys - depends upon an understanding of the meaning of life... (Leo Tolstoy)

An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency. (Mark Twain)

Even the most unsophisticated observer will appreciate a landscape painting. Some theories relate this to our ancient veldt heritage millions of years ago when being aware of the lay of the land was important. (Luann Udell)

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was. (Author unknown)

Expect nothing, appreciate everything. (Author unknown)

If people did not compliment one another there would be little society. (Marquis de Vauvenargues)

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. (Voltaire)

Art appreciation - like character - is a highly personal thing. A posteriori, art collectors are often behaving like children. In that sense, there are two kinds of collectors, one that is listening and taking the Fifth, and the other is trying to demonstrate that his father is making more money, that his mother is more attractive, and that his pet dog will bite your arm if you have anything against it. (Milos Vujasinovic)

Time And health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. (Denis Waitley)

Listen! There was never an artistic period. There was never an art-loving nation. (James Abbott McNeill Whistler)

To have people like my work, even if it's my old work, I can't ask for anything nicer than that. (Henry Winkler)

To create was a fundament, to appreciate, a supplement. (Jeanette Winterson)

The reaction was immediate. The blood flow was in proportion to how much the painting was liked. (Semir Zeki)