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Emile Gruppe Quotes

Quotes by Emile Gruppe - (5 quotes)

Emile Gruppe - From the Appreciation category:

The painter's appreciation for beauty is more conscious, for he spends his life trying to communicate his feelings to others. (Emile Gruppe)

Emile Gruppe - From the Copying category:

- Gruppe on Color...
Here's the important difference between tight and loose painting: tight, meticulous work can be copied - even a reasonably clever student could do it. But loose, spontaneous work is full of accident and inspiration. And great paintings done in this manner can never be duplicated - the painter himself doesn't know how he got some of his effects. (Emile Gruppe)

Emile Gruppe - From the Earth category:

If there is a heaven, it must be here on earth because the earth is so beautiful. (Emile Gruppe)

Emile Gruppe - From the Plein-Air category:

- Gruppe on Color...
When I paint outdoors, I've always liked to let the paint do some of the work. I go for the big effect; and when I get it, I let the rest go. (Emile Gruppe)

Emile Gruppe - From the Realism category:

If you finish like a photograph, on the other hand, the picture has as much personality as a photograph. (Emile Gruppe)