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Quotes about Muse

Quotes about Museums

Quotes about Muse

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The Arts Council of England, in a 1998 report on 11 countries, found that Germany spent $85 per capita on the arts. The United States spent a shocking $6. And Canada, in its stubborn balance, spent $46... It's the Canadian way to be halfway between the Old and New worlds. (Michael Audain)

Some artists leave remarkable things which, a 100 years later, don't work at all. I have left my mark; my work is hung in museums, but maybe one day the Tate Gallery or the other museums will banish me to the cellar... you never know. (Francis Bacon)

Eventually, all great paintings end up in museums. (Jacques Barbeau)

-on The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, 1964...
This museum is a torpedo moving through time, its head the ever-advancing present, its tail the ever-receding past of 50 to 100 years ago. (Alfred H. Barr Jr.)

The historical museum has to be very conservative and careful in its choices. The modern museum, on the other hand, has to be audacious, to take chances. It has to consider the probability that it would be wrong in a good many cases and take the consequences later. (Alfred H. Barr Jr.)

The primary purpose of the Museum is to help people enjoy, understand, and use the visual arts of our time. (Alfred H. Barr Jr.)

-interview with Spiegel Online...
Museums collect what's important in their respective countries. In Berlin's National Gallery, however, this isn't the case. They're interested neither in me nor the other usual suspects. It's simply a German reality. (Georg Baselitz)

-interview with Spiegel Online...
In Germany, we often hear the absurd complaint that museums don't have the money to buy paintings. Of course, I'm not talking about me and my paintings. There are, after all, more popular painters in this country. (Georg Baselitz)

A great department store, easily reached, open at all hours, is more like a good museum of art than any of the museums we have yet established. (John Cotton Dana)

The best introduction to art is to stroll through a museum. The more art you see, the more you'll learn to define your own taste. (Jeanne Frank)

In one sense, a museum is for artists and nobody else. I prefer one guy understanding art to a hundred thousand paid tickets. (Rudi Fuchs)

A painting in a museum probably hears more foolish remarks than anything else in the world. (Edmond and Jules De Goncourt)

A record is a concert without halls and a museum whose curator is the owner. (Glenn Gould)

Since art is dead in the actual life of civilized nations, it has been relegated to these grotesque morgues, museums. (Walter Gropius)

Having plenty of time and all the museum's funds at my disposal, I put myself on a regime to buy one picture a day. (Peggy Guggenheim)

Here in the Russian Museum you access the spiritual riches accumulated by our predecessors. (Vladimir Gusev)

I go to a museum and see a painting someone living in the past has made and I'm completely blown away. The nature of human beings has not changed. Everyone wants to avoid suffering and look for love. (Dana Levin)

I don't have a favorite place to see art. I like to encounter it anywhere, museum, gallery, home, studio, street... I do prefer to see good art, when I see art, but it doesn't matter where I see it. (James Nares)

I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something more than sit on its ass in a museum. (Claes Oldenburg)

Give me a museum and I'll fill it. (Pablo Picasso)

The only way to understand painting is to go and look at it. And if out of a million visitors there is even one to whom art means something, that is enough to justify museums. (Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

A museum has to renew its collection to be alive, but that does not mean we give on important old works. (David Rockefeller)

-on Rigoberto Rodriguez...
In the end, the beauty of the work asks to be shared, as one might share a secret treat. Silent and fleeting remains the sweet and slightly bitter taste of creation, but it is the first sturdy foothold on the museum mission as a bridge that welcomes the viewer to the work of art. (Carlos Cesar Rodriguez)

Every great art museum is, in effect, a museum of the art of portraiture. (John Howard Sanden)

If you really want to seriously think about life, and therefore take painting very seriously... and take seriously the joys that it can bring to one, then you want to go to museums. You want to study the great of the past... (Nelson Shanks)

-to Peter William Brown regarding the art scene and MOMA, San Francisco, 1975...
I think that one day, they are going to drive a big truck up to that museum, put all of that crap in the truck, and then they are going to drive out on the bridge and throw it all into the Bay! (Louis Bassi Siegriest)

In an era when museum curators were busy introducing the public to photographs of daily life taken by Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Diane Arbus, why did they simultaneously disdain paintings depicting the same kind of people? (Burton Silverman)

When in a museum, walk slowly but keep walking. (Gertrude Stein)

Shouldn't a great museum foster serious seeing before all else? (Mark Stevens)

Museums should be places where you raise questions, not just show stuff. (William Thorsell)

Art has always had as its test in the long term the ability to speak to our innermost selves. People have experiences in art museums today that they used to have in church. (Bill Viola)

The murals in restaurants are on a par with the food in museums. (Peter de Vries)