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Quotes about Growth

Quotes about Guidance

Quotes about Growth

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People seek guidance of him who is master of himself. (James Allen)

Imperfections are your guides - valuable, reliable, objective, non-judgemental guides - to matters you need to reconsider or develop further. (David Bayles, Ted Orland)

We must be guided by faith. If we are guided by fear we lock ourselves and our expansion. (Yogi Bhajan)

Without the adoption of thrift as a guiding principle in my life, I could never have realized my dream to become a professional, freelance classical musician. (Sonja Boon)

Always follow your soul. (Carl Brenders)

To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue. (Gautama Buddha)

Examples is more forcible than precept. People look at my six days in the week to see what I mean on the seventh. (Robert Cecil)

Comparisons are odious. (Miguel de Cervantes)

Be guided by feeling alone. We are only simple mortals, subject to error. (Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot)

- Norma Jean's Sun...
Even in my worst of times, I have retained the need to understand that touch of Divine Guidance. (Kris Courtney)

Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of the truth. (Mahatma Gandhi)

What I am actually saying is that we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly. (Shakti Gawain)

The Painter's Keys is a timeless, universal guide to lifemanship masquerading as a painting blog. (Sara Genn)

My soul, when I tend to it, is a far more expansive and fascinating source of guidance than my ego will ever be, because my soul desires only one thing: wonder. (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Surely there is a time to submit to guidance and a time to take one's own way at all hazards. (Thomas H. Huxley)

My guiding principle is this: Guilt is never to be doubted. (Franz Kafka)

Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another. (Immanuel Kant)

Wisdom is the best guide and faith is the best companion. (Dalai Lama)

The search for moral guidance which shall not depend upon external authority has invariably ended in the acknowledgment of some new authority. (Walter Lippmann)

My brush seems guided less directly by my eye than by a kind of motor empathy with the rhythms, weight, and tensions of the elements of the landscape before me. (Alex McKibbin)

Words instruct, illustrations lead. (Latin proverb)

We all have a little voice inside us that will guide us. It may be God, I don't know. But if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do. (Christopher Reeve)

Let us guide our students over the road of discipline from materials, through function, to creative work. (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)

All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then listen. (Sanaya Roman)

- b.1207 d.1273...
The dark thought, the same, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each guest has been sent as a guide from beyond. (Rumi)

We have heeded no wisdom offering guidance. (Dora Russell)

In every one of us there are two ruling and directing principles, whose guidance we follow wherever they may lead; the one being an innate desire of pleasure; the other, an acquired judgment which aspires after excellence. (Socrates)

The most perfect guide is nature. Continue without fail to draw something every day. (Irving Stone)

It is by a mathematical point only that we are wise, as the sailor or the fugitive slave keeps the polestar in his eye; but that is sufficient guidance for all our life. We may not arrive at our port within a calculable period, but we would preserve the true course. (Henry David Thoreau)

Do what the heart commands. The heart is our only guide. (John Updike)

If the impulse to daring and bravery is too fierce and violent, stay it with guidance and instruction. (Xun Zi)

Music has been a fantastic guidance for me. I'll be eternally thankful for this guidance. (Pinchas Zukerman)