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Joseph Gyurcsak Quotes

Quotes by Joseph Gyurcsak - (5 quotes)

Joseph Gyurcsak - From the Acrylics category:

If you desire a spontaneous look in acrylic, it would benefit you to experience the texture of oil color and the immediacy of watercolor. (Joseph Gyurcsak)

Joseph Gyurcsak - From the Design category:

Effective design occurs when negative and positive spaces are in harmony. (Joseph Gyurcsak)

Joseph Gyurcsak - From the Journey category:

To have a desire to bring forth a vision and the courage to leave tracks of that struggle is the humblest of acts on the triumph path! (Joseph Gyurcsak)

Joseph Gyurcsak - From the Opposites category:

Abstract realism unites two opposing forms of art to create an alternative approach which combines non-objective and objective in a single vision. (Joseph Gyurcsak)

Joseph Gyurcsak - From the Watercolours category:

The spontaneous and fluid look in watercolor painting only occurs when one mixes the colors like a sauce, then paints without looking back! (Joseph Gyurcsak)