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Stewart Wachs Quotes

Quotes by Stewart Wachs - (6 quotes)

Stewart Wachs - From the Gender category:

Men may cry when the end comes; women can cry toward an end they have in mind. (Stewart Wachs)

Stewart Wachs - From the Life category:

The realization that our relationship with a departed loved one does in some way endure will not erase the grief we feel at their death but it counterweights that grief with the heft of meaning. (Stewart Wachs)

Stewart Wachs - From the Mentors category:

Both mentors and tormentors have something to teach us. (Stewart Wachs)

Stewart Wachs - From the Responsibility category:

Too many of us would sooner fix the blame on someone else than fix our own shortcomings. (Stewart Wachs)

Stewart Wachs - From the Satisfaction category:

Preparing for an exhibition in 2000, Jack Madson at last finished to his satisfaction an abstract painting he had begun in 1957. He did so by photographing the original piece, then reworking sections of it by first applying brushstrokes in miniature directly on top of the color photo print, and finally, when he'd solved all of the problems, repainting those portions of the canvas. 'Time means nothing,' he said. 'You've got to get it right, until it looks like it does in your mind.' (Stewart Wachs)

Stewart Wachs - From the Time category:

Honor the past, remember the future, and savor the present. (Stewart Wachs)