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Carlos Cesar Rodriguez Quotes

Quotes by Carlos Cesar Rodriguez - (2 quotes)

Carlos Cesar Rodriguez - From the Museums category:

-on Rigoberto Rodriguez...
In the end, the beauty of the work asks to be shared, as one might share a secret treat. Silent and fleeting remains the sweet and slightly bitter taste of creation, but it is the first sturdy foothold on the museum mission as a bridge that welcomes the viewer to the work of art. (Carlos Cesar Rodriguez)

Carlos Cesar Rodriguez - From the Nudes category:

-on Rigoberto Rodriguez...
It is not easy to sense, or catch, that fleeting moment when, for instance, a rock gels to feminine shapeliness precisely at the same moment that a woman's beauty attains the perpetuity of stone. Only an eye standing permanent watch may capture the rich concurrence of two kingdoms of nature without slipping into the neighboring field of pornography. This fly on the wall is enamored. (Carlos Cesar Rodriguez)