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Laury Ravenstein Quotes

Quotes by Laury Ravenstein - (5 quotes)

Laury Ravenstein - From the Aging category:

Let's face it, few of us get a childhood that doesn't damage some part of our spirit, but as we age, we can heal ourselves. (Laury Ravenstein)

Laury Ravenstein - From the Fire category:

Spontaneous painting lights my fire. (Laury Ravenstein)

Laury Ravenstein - From the Ideas category:

When someone begins a new idea and follows through with it, to the benefit of all around them, it is a beautiful thing. (Laury Ravenstein)

Laury Ravenstein - From the Life category:

Life constantly sends dilemmas our way, and how we respond to each determines what the outcome will be. (Laury Ravenstein)

Laury Ravenstein - From the Struggle category:

Just knowing what areas one may struggle with takes the demons out of the dark and allows us to get a better handle on them. (Laury Ravenstein)