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Janet Warrick Quotes

Quotes by Janet Warrick - (4 quotes)

Janet Warrick - From the Desire category:

Landscape sparks in us a desire to render on canvas the poetry that viewing it makes us feel, and in some deeper way, connects us to it like a silent prayer. (Janet Warrick)

Janet Warrick - From the Joy category:

I'm giving up feeling bad and I'm diving headfirst into the sheer joy of painting. It's no longer a sink or swim proposition. It feels good just in the water. (Janet Warrick)

Janet Warrick - From the Optimism category:

If remaining positive takes more work, it's worth the effort. Life is too short and none of us knows how long we have on this earth. (Janet Warrick)

Janet Warrick - From the Rejection category:

Rejection is a speck, like a bit of unwanted debris, imbedded like a pebble in our psyche, and it stays there niggling away and undermining our self-confidence until we feel strong enough to pull it out. (Janet Warrick)