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Quotes by leon trotsky - (5 quotes)

Leon Trotsky - From the Aging category:

Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that can happen to a man. (Leon Trotsky)

Leon Trotsky - From the Ideas category:

Ideas that enter the mind under fire remain there securely and for ever. (Leon Trotsky)

Leon Trotsky - From the Mistakes category:

If we had had more time for discussion we should probably have made a great many more mistakes. (Leon Trotsky)

Leon Trotsky - From the Strategy category:

You may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you. (Leon Trotsky)

Leon Trotsky - From the Technique category:

Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it. (Leon Trotsky)