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alexander girard Quotes

Quotes by alexander girard - (7 quotes)

Alexander Girard - From the Art category:

Art is only art if it is synonymous with living. (Alexander Girard)

Alexander Girard - From the Design category:

The hope of good design lies in those designers who believe in what they do and will only do what they believe. (Alexander Girard)

Alexander Girard - From the Fantasy category:

Every new project presents some version of basic order. In it, the ingredients for the exercise of fantasy and magic may usually be found. (Alexander Girard)

Alexander Girard - From the Humanity category:

Infinite are man's expressions of beauty and love; open your eyes your ears and your heart to them and you will unite the peoples of the world. (Alexander Girard)

Alexander Girard - From the Profession category:

Contrary to hearsay, it is possible to make a living that way. (Alexander Girard)

Alexander Girard - From the Satisfaction category:

My greatest enjoyment and satisfaction in the solution of any project is uncovering the latent fantasy and magic in it and convincing my client to join in this process. (Alexander Girard)

Alexander Girard - From the Temperament category:

I am a reasonable and sane functionalist tempered by irrational frivolity. (Alexander Girard)