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Susan Biali Quotes

Quotes by Susan Biali - (7 quotes)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Anxiety category:

Anxiety and uncertainty doesn't mean you should stop or run away - it very likely means you're right on track. Outside the comfort zone is where the best creativity and your best life live. (Susan Biali, M.D.)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Eccentricity category:

I can't imagine trying to be normal. I gave up on that a long time ago, when I finally woke up to the fact that trying to be 'normal' seemed to cause endless misery. Don't be afraid to dream, to imagine, to toy with the idea of creating something delicious in your life. (Susan Biali, M.D.)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Ideas category:

Forget what makes sense; pay more attention to what calls to you. Give airtime to the crazy ideas you have; take them seriously. Don't be too quick to dismiss what to you seems impractical. (Susan Biali, M.D.)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Impossibilities category:

When you set your sights on what may seem impossible, you somehow live your way into much more than you ever dreamed could be true for you. (Susan Biali, M.D.)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Information category:

Be careful not to get sucked into excess information gathering and other non-productive 'busy' activities that don't really move you forward. (Susan Biali, M.D.)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Money category:

When my teachers pronounced that I was 'smart,' around the time I was ten years old, I discovered that this seemed to have more currency in the world than any creative activities. (Susan Biali, M.D.)

Susan Biali, M.D. - From the Profession category:

When I was drowning in depression during my Emergency Medicine residency and desperate to find a way out... I remembered my creative dreams of the past. I literally saved my life, and ultimately built a new career path. (Susan Biali, M.D.)