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Sue Shellenbarger Quotes

Quotes by Sue Shellenbarger - (6 quotes)

Sue Shellenbarger - From the Challenge category:

An ability to block out negatives can be helpful in facing tough challenges... (Sue Shellenbarger)

Sue Shellenbarger - From the Colour category:

When students were given creativity tests, those whose test-cover pages had a green background gave more creative answers than those whose pages were white, blue, red or grey. (Sue Shellenbarger)

Sue Shellenbarger - From the Complaining category:

Whining has become so common that many people don't even realize they're doing it. (Sue Shellenbarger)

Sue Shellenbarger - From the Deception category:

Lying to yourself - or self-deception, as psychologists call it - can actually have benefits... The trick, of course, is finding the line between just enough self-deception, and too much. (Sue Shellenbarger)

Sue Shellenbarger - From the Perfection category:

For adaptive perfectionists, the divide between their high standards and actual performance may serve as a motivator. But for maladaptive perfectionists, that gulf becomes insurmountable, creating anxiety and self-doubt that can be demotivating. (Sue Shellenbarger)

Sue Shellenbarger - From the Sleep category:

Most people organize their time around everything but the body's natural rhythms... Morning people tend to wake up and go to sleep earlier and to be most productive early in the day. Evening people tend to wake up later, start more slowly and peak in the evening.These body rhythms hold true regardless of how much you've slept or how recently you've eaten. (Sue Shellenbarger)