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Sandy Sandy Quotes

Quotes by Sandy Sandy - (19 quotes)

Sandy Davison - From the Complexity category:

I am wowed and cowed by some of the complex patterns and speed with which beauty strikes and retreats. (Sandy Davison)

Sandy Davison - From the Drawing category:

Drawing is intimate and reveals exactly where we are, and in a culture that isn't comfortable with that, it frightens many. You just cannot cheat when you draw. (Sandy Davison)

Sandy Davison - From the Tyranny category:

The shape is cursed with the tyranny of the rectangle. (Sandy Davison)

Sandy Sandy - From the Advice category:

Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Colour category:

Color gets all the credit, but values do all the work. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Enthusiasm category:

If variety is what it takes to peek and maintain one's enthusiasm, so be it. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Inspiration category:

One need not travel the world for inspiration. If one is receptive it meets them on the way. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Muse category:

We all have to learn to live and work with our Muse. At times the goddess demands more spontaneity, sometimes more planning and control. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Potential category:

Don't let that feeling of not being good enough hold you back and keep you from reaching your potential. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Repetition category:

The key to mastery is through repetition. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Technique category:

It takes a long time to become loose without losing it. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Sandy - From the Unknowns category:

-on painting...
Like in a dream, I become merely the driver of a vehicle, destination unknown - watching as the magic unfolds. (Sandy Sandy)

Sandy Triolo - From the Beginning category:

When you think you have reached an end point, stop and take a breath, and then take another look at where you are – you might see you're actually at a beginning you didn't know was there. (Sandy Triolo)

Sandy Triolo - From the Doubt category:

I see something that blows my socks off and I'm left in the dust of my doubts and I have to start building the wall of conviction/isolation all over again. (Sandy Triolo)

Sandy Triolo - From the Focus category:

As long as I remain focused... I'm able to blast ahead, blazing my own trail with little regard for who thinks what about it...! (Sandy Triolo)

Sandy Triolo - From the Individuality category:

I clearly benefit from just about all artwork that I examine... but there is a place where only my opinion, my work and my concepts are permitted and it is a place where all other input is of dubious benefit. (Sandy Triolo)

Sandy Triolo - From the Struggle category:

Overcoming large obstacles, addictions and self-created disasters have contributed to my unique view and appreciation of life... but the place I feel the most ready and able to produce art is a stable and loving environment. (Sandy Triolo)

Sandy Triolo - From the Travel category:

The trick is not to forget where you came from and where you have been. (Sandy Triolo)

Sandy Triolo - From the Universe category:

Then of course the rest of the universe comes by to visit... (Sandy Triolo)