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Ron Monsma Quotes

Quotes by Ron Monsma - (5 quotes)

Ron Monsma - From the Finishing category:

I'm finished when I can't stand it anymore. (Ron Monsma)

Ron Monsma - From the Ideas category:

I get a lot of ideas watching film, walking outside, looking at advertising, magazines, obviously from great art, contemporary art... (Ron Monsma)

Ron Monsma - From the Pastels category:

I am a pastelist, for the most part, but much of my inspiration for pastel work comes from oil. (Ron Monsma)

Ron Monsma - From the Practice category:

To do anything very well you have to 'allow' (not to force, not to make ) yourself do it, and the way to do that is to do it over and over again, so that you teach your body how to do it and it becomes second nature - you don't have to think about it anymore. (Ron Monsma)

Ron Monsma - From the Research category:

Keep building your visual library. (Ron Monsma)