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Robert Gober Quotes

Quotes by Robert Gober - (5 quotes)

Robert Gober - From the Expression category:

I think art is about human existence. Almost by default I'm expressing my experiences as a human. (Robert Gober)

Robert Gober - From the Influence category:

Whenever I give a talk about my work I am invariably asked who my influences are. Not what my influences are, but who. As if the gutter, misunderstandings, memories, sex, dreams, and books matter less than forebears do. After all, in terms of influences, it is as much the guy who mugged me on 10th Street, or my beloved dog who passed away much too early, as it was Giotto or Diane Arbus. (Robert Gober)

Robert Gober - From the Painting category:

My problem painting from my life was I found that you can't paint dirt without romanticising it. (Robert Gober)

Robert Gober - From the Religion category:

- on a Catholic upbringing...
You grow up trying to interpret, worshipping, visual symbols. It's a body-soaked imagery that you're looking at. (Robert Gober)

Robert Gober - From the Symbols category:

I think the benefit of a Catholic childhood is your belief in visual symbols as transmitters of information and clues about life, whether it's the mystery of life or life in general. (Robert Gober)