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Noel Coward Quotes

Quotes by Noel Coward - (10 quotes)

Noel Coward - From the Criticism category:

I love criticism just so long as it is unqualified praise. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Education category:

I've over-educated myself in all the things I shouldn't have known at all. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Future category:

We have no reliable guarantee that the afterlife will be any less exasperating than this one, have we? (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Illusion category:

I do not intend to let myself down more than I can possibly help, and I find that the fewer illusions I have about myself or the world around me, the better company I am for myself. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Importance category:

My importance to the world is relatively small. On the other hand, my importance to myself is tremendous. I am all I have to work with, to play with, to suffer and to enjoy. It is not the eyes of others that I am wary of, but of my own. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Indolence category:

Everybody was up to something, especially, of course, those who were up to nothing. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Journey category:

My body has certainly wandered a good deal, but I have an uneasy suspicion that my mind has not wandered enough. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Performance category:

Just know your lines and don't bump into the furniture. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Time category:

Time has convinced me of one thing: Television is for appearing on – not for looking at. (Noel Coward)

Noel Coward - From the Work category:

Work is more fun than fun. (Noel Coward)