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Michael Heizer Quotes

Quotes by Michael Heizer - (8 quotes)

Michael Heizer - From the Architecture category:

Frank Gehry... likes to imagine his buildings as sculptures. I like to imagine my sculptures as architectural. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Art category:

The type of work I like is pure and simple and profound. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Copying category:

The trouble is, once you say something about a source, then you've pegged it down, and so now I'm reluctant to say anything. If I say I developed 50 different shapes from Mississippian tumuli, that doesn't mean they're copies of tumuli - I'm not ripping off those shapes. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Environment category:

Landscape to me is a planar thing, just a view. Environment is everything down to the ecosystem. Big difference. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Modernism category:

I make static art, not dynamic art. That's what I do. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Plagiarism category:

I wasn't political enough to write articles about myself or go to cocktail parties, meaning that not only has my art been pirated and my intellectual property rights stolen, but my work has been misrepresented. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Shock category:

A strong work of art really leaves people speechless. They feel a little angry because they don't understand it. (Michael Heizer)

Michael Heizer - From the Theme category:

The history of American art, in a way, begins with Jackson Pollock and his big paintings. This theme of bigness - all painters and sculptors have dealt with it ever since. (Michael Heizer)