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Marie Kondo Quotes

Quotes by Marie Kondo - (3 quotes)

Marie Kondo - From the Order category:

Identifying the things that make you happy: that is the work of tidying. (Marie Kondo)

Marie Kondo - From the Possessions category:

Have you ever had the experience where you thought what you were doing was a good thing but later learned that it had hurt someone? At the time, you were totally unconcerned, oblivious to the other person's feelings. This is somewhat similar to the way many of us treat our socks. (Marie Kondo)

Marie Kondo - From the Simplicity category:

Does this spark joy? If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it. This is not only the simplest but also the most accurate yardstick by which to judge. Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. (Marie Kondo)