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Kenji Miyazawa Quotes

Quotes by Kenji Miyazawa - (4 quotes)

Kenji Miyazawa - From the Criticism category:

- Strong in the Rain: Selected Poems...
Everyone calls him Blockhead / No one sings his praises / Or takes him to heart... / That is the kind of person / I want to be (Kenji Miyazawa)

Kenji Miyazawa - From the Determination category:

- Jealous of the Dawn...
But no words will change my desire / My determination born of love / My will to set my eccentric sight / On an ever exquisite dawn (Kenji Miyazawa)

Kenji Miyazawa - From the Poetry category:

These poems are a mental sketch as formed / Passage by passage of light and shade / Maintained and preserved to this point / Brought together in paper and mineral ink (Kenji Miyazawa)

Kenji Miyazawa - From the Suffering category:

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. (Kenji Miyazawa)