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Joseph Michelli Quotes

Quotes by Joseph Michelli - (3 quotes)

Joseph Michelli - From the Business category:

The Starbucks Experience reflects tenets that are simple, yet not simplistic. They are results-oriented and can be deceptively powerful when applied. (Joseph Michelli)

Joseph Michelli - From the Leadership category:

Starbucks leaders... have made a firm commitment to creating an experience of Surprise and Delight in many areas of their business. Starbucks management seeks ways to implement subjective well-being for customers and staff - which, in turn, has a profound effect on loyalty, community, and profit. (Joseph Michelli)

Joseph Michelli - From the Selling category:

- The Starbucks Experience...
Consumers want the predictable and consistent, with an occasional positive twist or added value thrown in. (Joseph Michelli)