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Jack White Quotes

Quotes by Jack White - (30 quotes)

Jack White - From the Adventure category:

Our art is an adventure. It is a dream come true. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Aging category:

I have so many projects to work on I'm going to have to live to at least 120 to get some of them done. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Artists category:

You will face boredom and frustration your entire career as artists. You will be very frustrated seeking a voice/style that collectors can connect with. Once you accomplish that voice/style people are clamoring for, you will become bored doing it. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Attitude category:

Your attitude is more important than the events happening around you. Artists develop a syndrome taught in art schools. It is a malady titled, 'Artistic Temperament'... rudeness, excuses, slovenliness, laziness, clutter, addictions, non-commercial attitudes, un-professionalism... and a good reason for failure. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Books category:

Can there be enough books to answer all your questions? (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Business category:

I don't think there is room for 'artistic temperament.' Professional artists understand art is a business. If businesses ran their companies like many artists do their careers, they would not stay open a year. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Collectors category:

Collectors are paying for our education by purchasing our art. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Commerce category:

I am a commercial artist because I paint to earn a living. We who earn money from what we produce are all commercial artists. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Dealers category:

Art is a product that has no apparent need. The salesperson builds the need in the mind of the buyer. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Difficulty category:

The Eagle does not escape the storm. The Eagle simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Emotion category:

I love the way art moves people emotionally. I love the fact that when someone purchases art it is the one thing that will last for generations. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Failure category:

Failure comes when we don't get back up and try again. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Fun category:

Great work comes from great joy. Leave the angst for the movies; do art that is fun. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Happiness category:

Happiness is more important than money any day. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Jealousy category:

The only person who is hurt by jealousy is you... Eliminate that word from your life... it may not make you unsuccessful selling your art, but it will destroy your happiness. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Magic category:

Mastery is the rudder, Mystery is the sail and Magic the wind to move you in your chosen direction. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Motivation category:

I cannot judge what motivates people. We are all moved by one of four things or a combination of these four things: money, romance, recognition or survival. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Passion category:

Passion is the breath we take, the water we drink to sustain ourselves. Without air and water we perish; without passion an artist will wither and blow away. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Patience category:

Your passion must be tempered with patience. Maybe long-suffering patience would be a better word. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Pricing category:

The price we sell things for is not important. What is important is we sell art that has to be replaced. You become good in art by doing art. The more you sell, the more you must produce. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Production category:

It is a myth that art has to be sold. It is not like stocking a grocery store where people fill a pushcart. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Profession category:

The true professional makes art when he is not feeling good, if the studio is too cold or too warm or the walls are falling down. We are painters and we paint. If I were a sculptor, I'd sculpt. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Quality category:

It is not the style but the quality and emotional impact of work that makes it marketable. Unless we make art that connects with people, we won't sell much, no matter what the style or subject. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Questions category:

Selling is nothing more than asking questions and waiting for an answer. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Rejection category:

Many days you will want to give up because of rejections and failures. Passion to be an artist will help you prevail where others fail. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Selling category:

Art doesn't sell itself, it has to be sold. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Selling category:

All of us need to self-promote. We cannot sit back and wait for our gallery or rep to do it all. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Success category:

Success is having a career that you love with every fiber in your body. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Words category:

I dislike the word 'emerging artist.' Emerging connotes to me an alligator coming up from the water. I consider all artists to be artists, not rising, emerging, amateur, beginning, but the real thing. (Jack White)

Jack White - From the Worth category:

Art is only worth what people will pay for it. Artists do not get paid by the hour. (Jack White)