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Harold Town Quotes

Quotes by Harold Town - (11 quotes)

Harold Town - From the Art category:

Made up of corallitic accretions and painful increments, lit on rare occasions by bolts of revelation, and then stuffed behind the wainscotting to grope in the mouse-turd dust, art is the equivalent of athlete's foot, at best an exquisite itch, at worst an excuse to stop walking. On the emotional side, it is either masturbation with a hockey glove or a night beneath the sliding moon that shames Eros. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Composition category:

Painting is still to a great extent dominated by a central image; corners in most cases are like uninvited guests at a party, uneasy and unattended. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Love category:

With love I draw what I hate. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Materials category:

It took me over a couple of months to find the right piece of transparent paper for a section near the centre, on the right side of the Garden of Nebuchadnezzar. When I did find it, it was on a bottle of my wife's toilet water. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Mediums category:

I don't believe anyone really likes paint, unless he's tempted to eat it. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Morality category:

It's such an honour being banned in Italy, the mother of sensuality. It's like being asked to straighten your tie in a bordello... It's ironic that the pictures were removed on the complaint of a cardinal. I regard censorship as a cardinal sin. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Rules category:

I make up a set of rules and play within those rules until I win. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Standards category:

Any artist who doesn't think he's the best should quit. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Strength category:

-on Tom Thomson...
Thomson's small oil sketches of the last years palpitate and throb. They are as direct in attack as a punch in the nose. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Unknowns category:

I am interested in doing something that cannot be explained. (Harold Town)

Harold Town - From the Worth category:

If art could be absolutely verified as to importance in, say, the way gold can be judged for purity and weight, then it would of course be finished as mythic activity. Free of doubt, controversy, and the inexplicable fluctuation of reputation, art-making would bear the same relationship to creativity as cake mix does to baking. (Harold Town)