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Elliott Green Quotes

Quotes by Elliott Green - (4 quotes)

Elliott Green - From the Form category:

If a form isn't right, if it's erased, the correction has meaning. It's the process of the mind, moving and making. The form didn't drop from outer space. (Elliott Green)

Elliott Green - From the Movement category:

I remember seeing this Picasso drawing of a horse where he had erased a couple of legs and redrawn them. It really gave the drawing movement – not just physical movement, but phantom movement. The thing moved intellectually. (Elliott Green)

Elliott Green - From the Questions category:

The frustrating, arrogant times were when I tried to make a finished thing. How do you do something? How do you get there? How do you become that? I was always interested in the question. (Elliott Green)

Elliott Green - From the Technology category:

I like the computer because it keeps giving you options. What if I do this? You try it, and if you don't like it you undo it. The original can always be resurrected. It raises the idea of working on one painting your whole life, saving it and working on it again and again. (Elliott Green)