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Dogen Quotes

Quotes by Dogen - (7 quotes)

Dogen - From the Light category:

Learn the backward step that turns your light inward to illuminate your self. Body and mind of themselves will drop away, and your original face will be manifest. (Dogen)

Dogen - From the Love category:

A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it. (Dogen)

Dogen - From the Materials category:

When mountains and waters are painted, blue, green, and red paints are used, strange rocks and wondrous stones are used, the four jewels and the seven treasures are used. Rice-cakes are painted in the same manner. When a person is painted, the four great elements and five skandhas are used. (Dogen)

Dogen - From the Practice category:

Cease from practice based on intellectual understanding, pursuing words, and following after speech. (Dogen)

Dogen - From the Religion category:

When a buddha is painted, not only a clay altar or lump of earth is used, but the thirty-two marks, a blade of grass, and the cultivation of wisdom for incalculable eons are used. As a Buddha has been painted on a single scroll in this way, all buddhas are painted buddhas, and all painted buddhas are actual buddhas. (Dogen)

Dogen - From the Subject category:

When you paint Spring, do not paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots – just paint Spring. (Dogen)

Dogen - From the Universe category:

The coming and going of birth and death is a painting. Unsurpassed enlightenment is a painting. The entire phenomenal universe and the empty sky are nothing but a painting. (Dogen)