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C.W. Mundy Quotes

Quotes by C.W. Mundy - (10 quotes)

C. W. Mundy - From the Artists category:

You have to understand your craft before you can be an artist. It's a real journey to become an artist. (C. W. Mundy)

C. W. Mundy - From the Exploration category:

An artist has to be a little like Lewis and Clark, always exploring in new, uncharted directions. (C. W. Mundy)

C. W. Mundy - From the Imagination category:

-on painting July Sunset...
This is not an actual scene, I made it all up... I drew it from my imagination rightside up, then painted it upside down, then corrected it rightside up to make it believable. It's all about the mood. (C. W. Mundy)

C. W. Mundy - From the Impressionism category:

The power of the suggestive is much greater than the statement of reality. (C. W. Mundy)

C. W. Mundy - From the Painting category:

If you control everything, with so much deliberateness, you can end up with a very unmoving, static piece of artwork, and that type of artwork doesn't really give the audience an opportunity to participate. (C. W. Mundy)

C. W. Mundy - From the Photography category:

-on painting Raking The Fields...
I drew it in on the canvas right side up, then I turned both the canvas and the photo upside down, held the photo in my hand, and painted in the shapes on the canvas. I then turned it rightside up, and made corrections and placed detail where needed. The majority of my work is 'from life' but when it's a situation where the subject will not pose for you, you have little choice. (C. W. Mundy)

C. W. Mundy - From the Profession category:

It's one thing to paint, it's one thing to launch your career, but it's a whole other thing to sustain it. (C. W. Mundy)

Liza Mundy - From the Gender category:

Men are just as willing as women to marry up, and life is now giving them the opportunity... So, women, own up to your accomplishments, buy him a drink, and tell him what you really do. (Liza Mundy)

Liza Mundy - From the Money category:

While there may have once been a stigma to making money, high-earning women actually have an advantage in the dating-and-marriage market. (Liza Mundy)

Liza Mundy - From the Winning category:

Women are asking what privileges their own breadwinning buys. (Liza Mundy)