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Bernie Taupin Quotes

Quotes by Bernie Taupin - (8 quotes)

Bernie Taupin - From the Advice category:

Read books, discover the blues and don't Tweet. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Character category:

I am a simple vessel with complex overtones, opinionated on occasions but willing to listen. Comfortable with reclusiveness and devoted to privacy and family. Patriotic to a fault and allergic to cruelty, ignorance and bad music. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Music category:

Don't call my lyrics poetry. It's an insult to real poets. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Performance category:

We may have limped onto Broadway as the underdogs, but underdogs bite back occasionally. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Profession category:

I paint, you know, and have a fairly good career going. And I'm touchy when elitists say you can't be taken seriously in more than one form of art. Duke Ellington said that everybody should do two things. I'll listen to Duke Ellington before I'll listen to the critics. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Time category:

I like to work quickly; I never like to waste any time. I never write half a song and come back to it later at all. It all has to be done at once. I lose interest if it doesn't. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Timeliness category:

Early risers catch the world waking and see its true colors. (Bernie Taupin)

Bernie Taupin - From the Titles category:

My favorite thing is coming up with titles. The majority of the songs I've ever written I've always thought of the title before I've written the song. (Bernie Taupin)