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Anonymous - From the Achievement category:

'Tis by art and not by force of many blows that we achieve. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Art category:

-corrupted from Max Beerbohm...
'I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like,' really means, 'I don't know anything about art, but I like what I know.' (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Artists category:

An artist is not one who has solved life's problems. He is one who accepts life's problems. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Artists category:

Poets and artists all suffer from the same malaise of spirit. Impoverished by a willingness to trade an ounce of essence for a particle of salt. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Attitude category:

Attitudes are much more important than aptitudes. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Beauty category:

Practice random beauty and senseless acts of love. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Beginning category:

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Beginning category:

With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Change category:

A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Children category:

Most children instinctively draw objects from the viewpoint that gives the most information. They draw a house from the front, but a truck from the side. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Choices category:

It is better to choose what you say than say what you choose. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Clubs category:

In any group of people, a small fraction will be leaders, a larger fraction will be followers, and a substantial proportion just won't want to get involved. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Clubs category:

Clubs are often controlled by people who like to be in charge of clubs, rather than because they are good art critics. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Collectors category:

Sometimes people who buy my art feel they are buying a piece of me – either buying my friendship or can make social demands on me, or they act as if buying my art has been mostly a charitable donation rather than a purchase of something that has value in itself. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Colour category:

Reds, yellows and oranges conjure up sunlight and fire, while the blues and blue-greens evoke snow and ice, sea, sky and moonlight. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Commerce category:

Art isn't art until it's sold. Until then it's an obsession and a storage problem. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Complaining category:

Any fool can criticize, complain, condemn, and most fools do. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Complementaries category:

When you look at a color, your eye actually sees its complementary as a 'shadow' right next to it - although you're not aware of this. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Composition category:

Before you compose your picture it's a good idea to ask yourself why you're doing it. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Confidence category:

The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Confidence category:

Self-confidence in itself, is of no value. It is useful only when put to work. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Courage category:

Real courage is displayed by those who are afraid to go, but go. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Creativity category:

The essential ingredient for creativity is wasting time. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Criticism category:

Don't mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it. If it is unfair, keep from irritation. It if is ignorant, smile. If it is justified, learn from it. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Culture category:

Artists create identities for cultures and societies. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Desire category:

He who wants milk should not sit himself in the middle of a pasture waiting for a cow to back up to him. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Earth category:

Humankind, despite its artistic pretensions, its sophistication, and its many accomplishments, owes its existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Evolution category:

You evolve not by seeking to go elsewhere but by paying attention to, and embracing, what's in front of you. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Expression category:

When an artist is more concerned with what is said than how it is said there is no art. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Failure category:

A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he gives up. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Fear category:

If you think too much and fail to take action, fear makes its home within you. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Form category:

Form is an extension of content. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Friendship category:

When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Future category:

Let's all give God a great big hand. I've seen the last page of the bible and it's going to turn out all right. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Future category:

The future belongs to those who live intensely in the present. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Goals category:

In order for a goal to be effective, it must effect change. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Goals category:

Realistic goals: Beyond your grasp – but within your reach. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Gratitude category:

Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Health category:

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Ideas category:

A lot of people have great ideas, but nothing in the world is cheaper than a good idea with no action. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Individuality category:

How do you put your distinctive stamp on your paintings? One way is to limit your equipment – brushes and number of colors. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Inspiration category:

Inspiration is the act of drawing up a chair to the writing desk. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Intellect category:

There is no such thing as a stupid artist. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Life category:

Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Life category:

Life is like riding a bicycle. You don't fall off unless you stop pedaling. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Life category:

When people say, 'Life is short,' they don't realise that life is the longest thing anyone ever does! (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Light category:

A glimmer of light cannot truly be seen without much that is dark, and darkness cannot truly be felt without shadowy forms rising from the blackness. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Lines category:

A curved line is the loveliest distance between two points. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Love category:

Love who you are - and who you are not. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Meaning category:

The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Memory category:

We do not remember days; we remember moments. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Mistakes category:

Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Opportunity category:

Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Opportunity category:

It is better to be sorry for what we did than for what we did not do. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Painting category:

After the first brush-stroke, the canvas assumes a life of its own; at this point, you become both governor and spectator to your own event. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Perfection category:

I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Perfection category:

Perfection cannot be rushed. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Persistence category:

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through persistence. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Pets category:

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Philosophy category:

Philosophy is a study that lets us be unhappy more intelligently. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Planning category:

A good follow-through is just as important in management as it is in bowling, tennis, or golf. Follow-through is the bridge between good planning and good results. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Poetry category:

A poet is someone who is astonished by everything. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Poetry category:

Wordsworth wrote poetry when it was allowed to rhyme. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Politics category:

-Iraqi official in the Ministry of Culture...
The last time anything deliberately political happened was in the 1980s, when an artist made paintings with the blood of soldiers who were fighting in the war against Iran. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Potential category:

A rose only becomes beautiful and blesses others when it opens up and blooms. Its greatest tragedy is to stay in a tight-closed bud, never fulfilling its potential. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Potential category:

Everyone has peak performance potential – you just need to know where they are coming from and meet them there. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Problems category:

'I must do something' will always solve more problems than 'Something must be done.' (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Problems category:

This is a time for the lessening of the call to the various gods to help us with our problems. Just as we have a brush or a chisel in our hands, we know that we are the creators of our own good and bad, our own justice and injustice. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Progress category:

The world is so fast that there are days when the person who says it can't be done is interrupted by the person who is doing it. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Realism category:

Capturing every leaf on every tree is a time-consuming and, some would say, thankless task. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Reality category:

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Religion category:

I am an atheist, thank God! (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Risk category:

To expose your ideas, your dreams, before a crowd is to risk their loss. But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Sacrifice category:

You get out of your art what you are willing to give up for it. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Signatures category:

I wonder what the art world would have been like if none of the Impressionists or prior masters had signed their work? (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Simplicity category:

Faithfully copying every detail you see doesn't work – too much detail destroys the illusion. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Strength category:

Those who are skilled in painting will live long, because life created through the sweep of the brush can strengthen life itself. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Technology category:

Technology is the arranging of life so that one need not experience it. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Technology category:

Computers let you make more mistakes faster than any other invention in human history, with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Thought category:

Goals determine your thoughts – thoughts determine your life. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Time category:

One thing you can't recycle is wasted time. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Time category:

Time is the best teacher; unfortunately it kills all its students. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Understanding category:

Painters are people who use incomprehensible words to talk about their work. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Vision category:

Biographies tell us how devastated Georgia O'Keeffe was when macular degeneration robbed her of her vision. There must be other artists who fear life after vision – are there? (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Watercolours category:

Watercolor is a swim in the metaphysics of life... a mirror of one's own character. Let it be unpredictable and colorful. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Winning category:

Most people can stay motivated for two or three months. A few people can stay motivated for two or three years. But a winner can stay motivated for thirty years – or as long as it takes to win. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Wisdom category:

Is it wise to pray for wisdom? You may find yourself surrounded by fools. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Work category:

I have been told repeatedly that I am so lucky to be able to paint so well. Funniest thing, the more I paint, the luckier I get. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Worry category:

Ulcers aren't the result of what you eat. You get ulcers from what's eating you. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Worry category:

A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Worry category:

Worry is wasting today's time cluttering up tomorrow's opportunities with yesterday's troubles. (Anonymous)

Anonymous - From the Worth category:

Anything scarce is valuable; praise for example. (Anonymous)

Anonymous Art Collector - From the Collectors category:

I feel a weight that is not a representation of weight, but of core reality – the heart of the matter, the pulse of process and creation. There is the aesthetic rapture that mystics pursue, that theologians and philosophers anatomize and speculate upon and translate for human kind so that it can make sense of much that is inexplicable or unbearable – the finiteness of life, the inexorable passage of time, endings. (Anonymous Art Collector)

Anonymous Chinese painter - From the Beginning category:

Do not grasp the brush before the spirit and the thoughts are concentrated. (Anonymous Chinese painter)

Anonymous Chinese painter - From the Ideas category:

The ideas must all be in the eye before they are carried out with the brush. (Anonymous Chinese painter)

Anonymous Chinese painter - From the Style category:

After the spirit and the thoughts are concentrated, the ideas may be developed in accordance with the style; and then it may be said, that what is grasped by the mind is expressed by the hand. (Anonymous Chinese painter)

Anonymous Spanish painter - From the Improvisation category:

If it comes out with a blue coat, I know that she must be the Virgin Mary; if it comes out with a beard, out of necessity it must be Saint Joseph; and if I try to paint a Venus and a splash of green comes out, I know I must paint a frog instead. (Anonymous Spanish painter)

Anonymous winner - From the Winning category:

Why is there no one here with me? (Anonymous winner)