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Alfredo Liongoren Quotes

Quotes by Alfredo Liongoren - (4 quotes)

Alfredo Liongoren - From the Anxiety category:

The signs begin to come... sleepless nights, edgy and hypersensitive feelings – finally the creative explosion that drains. (Alfredo Liongoren)

Alfredo Liongoren - From the Energy category:

For a long time, I could not tame the energy and dreaded it. (Alfredo Liongoren)

Alfredo Liongoren - From the Fire category:

I work in bursts of energy... like mad fires let loose into nervous breakdowns. And it affected everyone in my life. Perhaps it was God's design to give me a wife who was trained as a psychiatric nurse. (Alfredo Liongoren)

Alfredo Liongoren - From the Searching category:

I have been hurt as a child and that chunk of sad experience is now lost. I try to gain access to that hidden portion of my memory through art. The abstractions I create are personal ink blots that mark the route my mindscape has taken me. It is upsetting to feel fragmented. The search has always been for integration. (Alfredo Liongoren)