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Alan Wylie Quotes

Quotes by Alan Wylie - (5 quotes)

Alan Wylie - From the Fun category:

Even though you have to prepare carefully, you want something fun and interesting to do as you play and manipulate the final work. Keep it alive while you're actually doing it. (Alan Wylie)

Alan Wylie - From the Portraiture category:

-said while being asked by the woman to do some 'improvements' here and there...
Madam, I am a painter, not a plastic surgeon. (Alan Wylie)

Alan Wylie - From the Studio category:

My first studio in Scotland was an old chicken coop. The place stunk to high heaven but it was the only place I could paint. Then, when I came to Nova Scotia, my studio was in my unheated garage. It was a bit primitive and I had to paint with socks on my hands to keep warm. That first winter with no heat was rough. (Alan Wylie)

Alan Wylie - From the Subject category:

Painted in Nova Scotia at Peggy's Cove. So very few of the old wooden dories are left. Occasionally I get lucky... (Alan Wylie)

Alan Wylie - From the Technology category:

Initially I started with photographs, and then the slides came along, but now of course with the digital it's just amazing. So I have a digital projector and a carousel slide projector and a big screen that I pull down and it's just like sitting and looking out the window. (Alan Wylie)