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Sally Pollard Quotes

Quotes by Sally Pollard - (4 quotes)

Sally Pollard - From the Audience category:

I have found that being too original loses the audience... people want to relate to a work. (Sally Pollard)

Sally Pollard - From the Originality category:

No idea is completely original, but if it is too divergent the artist has the bigger job of educating his audience to enjoying the works of true originality. (Sally Pollard)

Sally Pollard - From the Questions category:

How in the world does one collate the cone of vision with what is felt about the landscape, how it molds to one's boots and grates beneath one's feet and caresses the very skin, in its ever changing moods? (Sally Pollard)

Sally Pollard - From the Questions category:

I have more questions than answers. Can art be spiritual or is that just another visual illusion? Art the creator, god the creator. Ego, or the sublime? (Sally Pollard)