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Charlotte Jones Quotes

Quotes by Charlotte Jones - (6 quotes)

Charlotte Jones - From the Audience category:

Audiences. That's when the rot really sets in. (Charlotte Jones)

Charlotte Jones - From the Confidence category:

No one can be an artist without a little hard kernel of confidence at one's core. (Charlotte Jones)

Charlotte Jones - From the Criticism category:

I find it difficult to cope with any comments at all about my work – good or bad. It's all too up close and personal for comfort. It's like that old adage: only you are allowed to criticize your own family. (Charlotte Jones)

Charlotte Jones - From the Humour category:

It's always a miracle when the things that make you laugh in your front room make an audience laugh too. (Charlotte Jones)

Charlotte Jones - From the Questions category:

Is this what I've been aiming for? Is this the zenith? Is it all downhill from now on? (Charlotte Jones)

Charlotte Jones - From the Success category:

On the outside it looks like a meteoric rise. But it never feels like that when one is on the inside... When the honeymoon period is over and it becomes a job. Just a job. Which inevitably it does. (Charlotte Jones)