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Janet Fish Quotes

Quotes by Janet Fish - (5 quotes)

Janet Fish - From the Attitude category:

I had this attitude that it was going to take time for my work to grow. I had to develop skills to do what I wanted and I didn't really expect it was going to happen rapidly. (Janet Fish)

Janet Fish - From the Meditation category:

For me, painting is like meditation... (Janet Fish)

Janet Fish - From the Perseverance category:

There are a lot of tricks you have to keep playing on yourself to keep at it because every time you hit a problem you want to walk away. (Janet Fish)

Janet Fish - From the Seeing category:

I feel as though I haven't seen an object until I actually start painting it. (Janet Fish)

Janet Fish - From the Selling category:

For a long time, I kept working at part-time jobs... my goal was to build up enough savings so I wouldn't be kicked out on the streets if I didn't sell enough paintings. (Janet Fish)