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Mark A. Brennan Quotes

Quotes by Mark A. Brennan - (4 quotes)

Mark A. Brennan - From the Attitude category:

Attitude will always define who we are in life. (Mark A. Brennan)

Mark A. Brennan - From the Friendship category:

Without the experience of true friendship perhaps we would have given up years ago. (Mark A. Brennan)

Mark A. Brennan - From the Plein-Air category:

We flogged through thigh-deep mud and were poked and punctured by ancient spruce that were no more than 2 meters tall. We were to seek cover from the insects and were always on the lookout for bears and angry moose. For landscape painters it is very important to experience the places we choose to paint first hand. (Mark A. Brennan)

Mark A. Brennan - From the Success category:

In the 'west' success is defined in purely material terms. He with the most money wins... We should question, speak out and work for a better society with a whole different definition of what is deemed a successful artistic life. (Mark A. Brennan)