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Martin Parr Quotes

Quotes by Martin Parr - (20 quotes)

Martin Parr - From the Artists category:

As artists get wealthier and more famous, often their work gets worse... I'm fascinated by the decline of artists. I suspect I'll be in decline myself. It's a fact of life. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Chaos category:

Photos tend to organize chaos, to define what we're doing here. It is essential that individuals' voices depict the world around us, as we are increasingly controlled by large institutions, large companies and large systems. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Children category:

When a mother takes pictures of her children on the beach, she doesn't take herself for an artist; she does it for love, which is an excellent reason, from my point of view. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Danger category:

The danger is, you have a formula and you just repeat it. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Deception category:

Part of the role of photography is to exaggerate. Most of the photographs in your paper, unless they are hard news, are lies. Fashion pictures show people looking glamorous. Travel pictures show a place looking at its best, nothing to do with the reality... Most of the pictures we consume are propaganda. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Ego category:

I am what I photograph. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Guilt category:

I accept that all photography is voyeuristic and exploitative, and obviously I live with my own guilt and conscience. It's part of the test and I don't have a problem with it. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Hypocrisy category:

I try to photograph my own and society's hypocrisy. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Methodology category:

I go straight in very close to people and I do that because it's the only way you can get the picture. You go right up to them. Even now, I don't find it easy. I don't announce it. I pretend to be focusing elsewhere. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Passion category:

You can't learn passion; either you've got it or you haven't. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Photography category:

There are two parts to the process: taking the picture and finding ways of using it. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Photography category:

Photography's central role is to be the absolute medium of the day. It is fantastic that there is no longer any technical intimidation. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Photography category:

Everyone is a photographer now, remember. That's the great thing about photography. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Preparation category:

When I first started learning how to take photographs, you had to spend the first six months figuring out what an f-stop was. Now you just go and take pictures. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Reality category:

We are drowning in images. Photography is used as a propaganda tool, which serves to sell products and ideas. I use the same approach to show aspects of reality. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Seeing category:

I see things going on before my eyes and I photograph them as they are, without trying to change them. I don't warn people beforehand. That's why I'm a chronicler. I speak about us and I speak about myself. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Subject category:

With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving this a twist. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Technology category:

Nobody thinks about technical issues anymore because cameras or camera phones take care of that automatically. On the other hand, you still have the option of controlling every technical aspect. It's the most accessible, democratic medium available in the world. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Vulnerability category:

Unless it hurts, unless there's some vulnerability there, I don't think you're going to get good photographs. (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr - From the Work category:

Work harder, get closer and be passionate about what you photograph. (Martin Parr)