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Judith Palmer Quotes

Quotes by Judith Palmer - (6 quotes)

Judith Palmer - From the Artists category:

The title 'artist' can be an itchy one to wear, an ill-fitting hand-me-down title that seems as if it must have been made for someone else. (Judith Palmer)

Judith Palmer - From the Artists category:

Artists, like Olympic sprinters, are allowed only so many false starts before they're asked to leave the field. (Judith Palmer)

Judith Palmer - From the Danger category:

Having your work shaped too much by whatever award scheme or commission is on offer is a clear and present danger. (Judith Palmer)

Judith Palmer - From the Prayer category:

-on publicly funded projects...
For the funding we are about to receive, Oh, Lord, make us truly thankful. Tug forelock. (Judith Palmer)

Judith Palmer - From the Questions category:

A chit for life. Is that what it is to be an artist? A cushy sidestepping of the grit and slog of the ordinary mortal? A real-life exemption certificate? (Judith Palmer)

Judith Palmer - From the Style category:

Once you've built your reputation on a particular signature style, it can be hard to wriggle your way out of the straitjacket of your own brand identity. After all, where does distinctively recognizable end and stalely repetitious begin? (Judith Palmer)