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Jeanne Long Quotes

Quotes by Jeanne Long - (4 quotes)

Jeanne Long - From the Artists category:

Our job as artists is to see through our imaginary identities, which cause ourselves and others so much pain, release them through that seeing, and become one with the All. In that oneness, through that oneness, a wholeness speaks through our hands and voices. (Jeanne Long)

Jeanne Long - From the Ego category:

When we're not one with the process we think too much, talk too much, and we brag. Everyone around us gags. (Jeanne Long)

Jeanne Long - From the Ego category:

The ego has a penchant for entertaining while the Creative Process edifies and enlightens. (Jeanne Long)

Jeanne Long - From the Subject category:

If we try too hard to capture our subject, it will escape. (Jeanne Long)